Writing Club

Writing Club - Monday and Tuesday 12-12:30pm - Years 3-6 Boys

For this half-term, the children will be focusing on football to inspire their writing. Each week, I will show them highlights of any match from that weekend. The children will get to watch the match and write ideas on a Monday and then complete a piece of writing on a Tuesday. Next half-term, we will choose a different sport. If you get the newspaper at home, please allow your child to read the sports section and have a look at how writing is completed regarding sports.

Week 2 - Descriptive writing 

Today we have watched clips of England playing at their home ground Wembley. The children watched videos of the players stood in the tunnel waiting to enter the pitch. The children described the noise levels, the pressure of the crowd and the sound of the national anthem. We then wrote down some words and similes that we believe the players would be feeling. Take a lot of our pictures.

Week 1 - Newspaper reports

Monday 20th February

Today the children watched the highlights of Liverpool vs Tottenham from 11.02.2017. They then read some newspaper extracts and highlighted any key words or phrases they would like to use in their own writing tomorrow. There was some fantastic ideas and children even recognised words in the text that contain spellings they need to know for their year group e.g. suffix ous. 


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