Santorini VS Liverpool - Wolf Class

Date: 19th May 2017 @ 1:14am

As part of our Greek study, we have been studying the physical and human features of Santorini and Liverpool. We have been comparing both locations and recognising the different qualities of life each location has. Upon completion of the work I asked the children a question "Where would you rather live? Santorini or Liverpool?" The children prepared some arguments and practiced debating with individuals ready for our whole class debate. It was great to hear the views of the children and it was evident they had learnt a lot about Greece and Santorini. After our debate all children voted for their preference location to live. Fortunately, Liverpool came out on top with 20 votes to 6. This was a surprising result, especially after learning the children in Greece finish school at 1.15pm, play on the beach daily and have a Siesta (nap time) between 2pm and 5pm.

Watch the video of 'Living in Santorini' made especially for Wolf and Cheetah class. Follow the link Where would you rather live? Think of the beaches and the view, is that enough to persuade you?

Mr Wong

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