Date: 26th Mar 2017 @ 8:22am

This week has been a wonderful week. We have really enjoyed seeing so many mums and nans in school to work with the children and celebrate Mother's Day. The children have loved having the opportunity to spend time in school with their family members and this is a brilliant way for home and school to work together. We value working with our families and believe that this unity between home and school is of paramount importance to ensure the children recognise that we are all working together in every way.

I cannot emphasise enough how the behaviour, attitude and language the children see and hear influences how they develop as individuals and must insist that all adults refrain from behaving in an inappropriate way when they are collecting children from school. Myself and the Governors will take any necessary measures to ensure our children are not subjected to any behaviour from adults that is unacceptable.

The staff have reported how well the children have responded to the books they have shared to challenge preconceived ideas and stereotypes that still exist in society today. The discussions around the themes explored in the books have been excellent and the teachers have reported how the children have shared their ideas sensibly and considered the issues of people in society demonstrating a lack of tolerance due to stereotypical ideas.

I would like to say how proud I am of the recent work the School Council have completed recently and their first newsletter was a great success. The challenge that they set our community to cover the snake has started well and we hope that with further effort next week, we will achieve their target. If you have any spare copper coins, please send them to school with your child next week.

The attendance challenge is reaching its conclusion with only five days left. It has been a success for us as a school and has led to an increase in overall attendance and reduced number of persistent absence children. It is vital that we maintain this improvement both next week and after the Easter holiday.

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy Mother's Day!

Mr Cooper

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