Growing plants - Monkey class

Date: 16th May 2017 @ 7:52pm

In Science, we have been investigating the conditions for plant growth. 2 weeks ago, we planted our sunflower seeds and chose places in class to keep them in different conditions, from giving them water and sunlight, to giving them neither of these. Today, it was time to see the results! 

We found out that our plants that had water and sunlight grew best with one growing 11cm tall! And the ones which only had water did not grow at all. 

We were amazed when we took the plants apart to see the roots and couldn't believe the difference between them all when just 2 weeks ago they were just a tiny sunflower seed.

We even managed to take a seed apart and see what was inside! Some of our Monkeys asked to take our plants home now our investigation is complete. Look after them well! We are looking forward to hearing about how they grow. 

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