Godly Ganesha - Fox Class

Date: 16th May 2017 @ 5:16pm

Following our work on Indian elephants yesterday, Fox class have been researching the God Ganesha. The legend has it that Ganesha was the son of Lord Shiva. Whilst his father was away, his mother crafted him out of clay and brought him to life. On Lord Shiva's return, he was so confused who the little boy was, he reacted quite irrationally by chopping off his head. Distraught, his mother demanded that he was brought back to life. Lord Shiva panicked and returned with an elephant's head. The boy was resurrected and later became one of the most powerful, worshiped gods in Hinduism. 

Have a look at Sadie's fabulous explanation leaflet below. Ganesha is made up of many different symbols that represent how Hindus should live their life. 

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