Date: 15th Nov 2016 @ 5:11pm

Attendance still is a priority for us in school and our attendance figures for the first half term of the year are in the table below.

Class Percentage Attendance
Cheetah 98.85%
Fox 97.25%
Tiger 96.7%
Falcon 96.64%
Wolf 96.6%
Monkey 96.6%
Lion 96.38%
Gorilla 96.16%
Shark 94.4%
Bear 93.77%

Well done to all our classes with attendance above 96%. A special mention must go to Cheetah Class and Fox Class who both have achieved above 97%

We will be starting a new 30 day attendance challenge in the next few weeks with special prizes for those children who are in every day within the specified time period.



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